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Gratitude journal ideas

We live in a very materialistic society. We are constantly bombarded with advertisements for us to buy things - like or not, we want it! We would go to the ends of the earth to obtain it. Children are constantly asking for us to buy them things. Be is shoes, clothes, bags, toys, you name it, they want it. We as adults too want things, a better job, a better house and more money than our friend. No matter what we persuaded by the pressures of society to compete and get all the materialistic stuff that we can get our hands on. One way to express gratitude in our lives is to write a gratitude journal.

In all spheres of life it seems as if are expected to get, strive and obtain – this is the mantra that we have been and now we feed it to our children. But we forget that we are human beings, we can only do our best and at the same time, we must be content of what we have otherwise things really get out of hand. If one is in a job, we are asked to compete and do our best which is fine but sometimes we must are pushed to the limit. At school, children are asked to do their utmost best in every walks of their education which is perfectly fine, but again they seem to be pushed to the limit. We are constantly seen as successful if we have bigger houses, bigger cars, better mobile phones, go on holidays, spend money on birthday parties etc and even then we are not happy. Why do we have to do it? It’s because we live in a very materialistic world! The only way to become free from all this is to express gratitude every day. It only takes a few minutes to say a few words and sentences of gratitude and you will realise that you will feel better.

Gratitude Journal
Gratitude Journal

Alternatively you can write only a few lines of gratitude in a gratitude journal. It should not take more than 5 to 10 minutes of your time and you will feel a lot better. You will realise the importance of life and you will be more content about yourself and all the things you have. You don’t have to write assays or paragraphs of gratitude, just a few lines of thankfulness. This will help you become happier and more content about who you are and become from free from the ridiculous rat race of life we are in.

Here are some gratitude journal ideas for personal gratitude journaling

express gratitude that you have enough to eat
express gratitude that you are healthy
express gratitude that you did not have an accident today
express gratitude that you are still have a job
express gratitude that you safe

So you see that it only takes a few minutes of your time to express some of these very basic gratitudes and you will find that you are more content with yourself.
There are many ways to express gratitude. You can buy a readymade gratitude journal, you can use a gratitude app on your mobile or you can use a piece of paper- you just have come up with something. But my opinion is that you get a gratitude journal and write your thoughts down. Here’s a free gratitude app I found.

Gratitude Journal App

Here’s my own personal gratitude journal I created and is available on Amazon. I have been keeping a gratitude journal for some time and it has helped me a lot.

India to USA converter plug

If you are travelling to India then you would need a India to USA converter plug otherwise you won't be able to charge your mobile phones, cameras etc. You can buy these "India to USA converter plugs" in India or you can buy them while in India. I suggest you get them before coming.

Here are some of the popular India to USA converter plugs in the market:

2 Packs of High Performance Universal UK/EU/ AU to US Adapter Travel Power Adapter Convert By iRulu

India to USA IOU-2F Plug Adapter Non Grounded - (ACUCRAFT® USA Plug Lifetime Warranty)

Ceptics Grounded Universal Plug Adapter for US (Type B) - 3 Pack

Tmvel Universal UK/EU/ AU to US Adapter Travel Power Adapter - Black

eForCity Universal World Wide Travel Charger Adapter Plug, White

Try this out of body experience

You can float your soul out of your body. But do this at your own risk as I do not take any responsibility. Yes, you can actually float out of your body and look down upon yourself. Next time you go to sleep - Try it. Here’s how to do it!

Out of body experience

  • Put the light off.
  • To do this, you’ll need to sleep with one hand on your chest.
  • And go to sleep.
  • If you keep thinking about it, it’s not going to work. Just go to sleep.
  • Eventually you’ll float out of your body.
  • First you will see yourself down at your sleeping body from the ceiling of your room.
  • You can then float out of the house from the roof and see everyone else.
  • You will be able fly to any destination you want and then come back into your body again.
  • You can fly at incredible speed over towns, cities, oceans and countries.
  • You think of a place, you will fly at it.
  • You will soon get fed up and want to go back to your body.
  • The joining of the body and the soul will wake you up with a jolt.
  • When your soul is joining, you will find yourself being crashed into the body as if you are falling.
I have tried this experiment and to my amazement, it works. If you have any issues or want to share your experience then leave a comment below. It’s an amazing experience. 

What's on the mind of 8 out of 1.3 billion?

Note from the Production Team:

The idea behind this video was to amplify voices which aren't often heard, in hopes of helping us understand our country better.

We walked the streets of a neighboring town and looked for people who lived quietly, who did not seem to occupy a large stage.

Though we listened to the voices of just 8 people - all of modest means and living in the same small town - we couldn't help but feel that the hopes and fears they expressed illuminate a universal set of impulses that drive us all.
People featured in the video:

Gangu, Manoj, Niloufar, Saif, Usha, Kamle Mama, Minal, Datta

buy gobar "cow dung" online

I just realised that you can buy cow dung online called "Gobar" on Amazon. Although most people in the West won't need to buy gobar (unless for fertilizers) but for Indians gobar serves multiple purposes.

Personally, we use gobar all the time at home but since I own a cow I never had to buy gobar online, all we have to do is just go to the cow shed and take it.

The cow is a holy animal and is highly revered in the Hindu religion. Even cow urine (called Gau Mutra) has some uses and is bottled and sold in India.

buy gobar cow dung online
Buy gobar online- Gobar being sold on Amazon (withdrawn - not sold anymore)

Some uses of gobar include
  • air purifier, apparently has some anti-microbial properties. 
  • havan or fire rituals in Hindu religious ceremonies (You can learn more on Hinduism in my book).
  • bio-gas to produce electricity although normal households won't be buying it for this purpose.
  • can be used as anti-sceptics as used widely in Ayurvedic medicine.  
  • gobar-cakes can be used for lighting kitchen fires.
Lady using cow dung and straw for cookking
There are a number of places to buy gobar online. For instance you can buy them on as sold by the "The Big Indian Store Cow Dung Dry" or on Ebay or a number of other places.

Click on the image on cow dung above to take you to Amazon to check it out for your self. It might seem odd to some to buy cow dung but in fact its a very useful product. Just ask any Hindu! For those living in the west or cities where they have no access to a cow, it might seem easy for them to just buy the cow dung on the internet. So grab yourself some pure "desi" gobar online.

Please Note: The above gobar has been withdrawn and is not longer available. However a new Gobar item is being sold and is available. Please check it out here - Authentic Angus Cow Dung Patties (1pc)

buy gobar "cow dung" online
 Authentic Angus Cow Dung Patties (1pc)

Remove date from blogger post url

How do you remove the blog date/numbers from the URL of blogger posts? I have been looking for an answer to this question but it seems there is no answer which simply means that we have to live with it. However there is a few things that can be done. The first one is to use a page for your blog. For example if you see about me page, you will see that there is no date in the URL but then it will not appear in your RSS feed. If you are OK with that or you don't have a lot of subscribers then you can simply create a page. Remember you still have to get it out as it wont appear on the homepage.

Remove date from blogger post url
Can you see the numbers at the start of the post. 
There used to be a way to remove the date/numbers from the posts but it has been removed and is no longer possible to switch it off. It would have been nice to remove these dates from the URL as it gives it freshness in the eyes of the reader. But to be honest, it does not really matter as far as SEO is concerned. Most people do not look at the URL when they are reading a website. You will notice that there are no dates at the top or at the bottom of this blog post. The least you can do is just switch it off at under "Layout" and "Post Page Options".

The second thing you could do is move your blog to a platform like WordPress. Here's how to create a website using WordPress. Moving from Blogger to WordPress is easy (not the other way round).

So you just have to live with the fact that you can't remove the date/numbers from the blogger post URL?

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