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Prepare your family to work from home

When you first tell friends and family that you’re going to pursue a work at home career, be prepared for some less than enthusiastic responses. This is normal and understandable so try not to get defensive about it.

The key is to learn how to best handle their reactions and assuage their fears. You’re going to have to plan your business out a little so that you can present them with the facts and let them see that you’re serious and you know what you’re doing. 

Are you sure you want to work online

You might be rolling your eyes thinking mindset isn’t an issue, but you’d be surprised. It can cripple you before you even start becoming financially successful online. 

There’s No Room for Desperation

Many people reading this are here because they’re desperate for money. It’s a trap that can cause you to make poor business decisions and it may even put you further in debt.

People are desperate for money for a variety of reasons:

·         They just got laid off and can’t find a job.
·         They’re employed fulltime, but unable to make ends meet.
·         They make ends meet but have zero money left over for luxuries.
·         They’re retired but their income doesn’t afford them the lifestyle they want.
·         They want to be a contributing member of the household.

If you’re unemployed and desperate for money, it might be faster to take a job below your normal income offline to take the pressure off with bill collectors. Building an online business takes time. 

That doesn’t mean you can’t start earning right away, but consider these details:

·         If you’re an affiliate for a site like Amazon, you’re going to be waiting 60 days to get paid for today’s earnings.
·         If you get hired for a long-term project like the creation of an eBook, for example, the funds will sit in escrow while you do the work and you won’t get the money until it’s delivered.
·         If you’re selling digital products, you may have to wait for the site to pick up in traffic before you start making significant sales.

You may only be able to work on your online business part time, and that’s okay! But it’ll take a bit longer to see formidable earnings.

Desperation is a cancer on your business growth, so don’t give in to it. If you need to, get an offline job to cover the bills and take baby steps as you grow this online business into something that eventually takes over your need to be employed elsewhere. 

Test the Waters Before You Commit

Keeping desperation at bay, you want to take time to evaluate which business model you want to pursue. This guide is going to cover the main ones (and there are micro models too).

You want to look at each one to see where you wish to begin. But I want you to keep this in mind: you never want all your eggs in one basket.

You’re going to choose one model to build the foundation with and then add the others to your online marketing strategy. For example, you might:

·         Start with the offer of ghostwriting services.
·         Add an info product of your own.
·         Begin promoting other people’s products as an affiliate.
·         Include some ads and start collecting revenue.

Do some online searches and learn as much as you can for free about the various ways to make money online. Do this before you pay money for any products.

If you see that a system just isn’t for you – meaning it’s not personally satisfying and you’re dreading working on it each day, then drop it and move on to something that you enjoy.

After all, why choose a work at home career if you’re not in charge of your destination? This should be profitable, but it should also be enjoyable! 

Fail Your Way to Success

Did you start an affiliate site and not make any sales? Launch a product and no one bought it? Don’t give up! Just find out the reasons why your business model didn’t perform and tweak them for success. The great thing about working at home online is that your content and strategies can be altered quickly and you’re continually learning new things.

Succeed as an internet entrepreneur

For you to have the courage and desire in you to succeed as an entrepreneur is a unique and exciting thing. Not many people have the guts to leave the corporate world and make something of themselves on their own – much less online.

That may be because it’s a viable business opportunity that very few people understand. They know there are websites online and they see people making money, but they have no idea how to get from step A to step B.

Fear often keeps us rooted to a career that we can’t stand.

It doesn’t matter what your reasons are for pursuing this path. Maybe you are out of work and looking for a job in an economy that has none to offer. Perhaps you’re a stay at home parent who would like to contribute to the household finances. Or maybe you’re retired but just not yet ready to quit being productive!

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