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Content for websites

You’re going to need two types of content – first for your autoresponders, which is either the promise of an email course that spans over a few weeks or days or a PDF report that gets your visitors to fork over their name and email address, and your email communications that will get plugged into your autoresponder systems:

You can find PLR content easy by going to Google and typing in your niche keyword and then the acronym PLR. So in this case you’d type in “dog training PLR” without the quotes. So here’s what Google unveils to me for the first five results.

How to make a website for affiliate marketing

It can be a WordPress blog on your own domain or a minisite with a squeeze page on it or a full-on content site with hundreds of articles – it doesn’t matter which one.

I’m going to buy a dot info domain – because I believe in them. Also, this is random and funny to see through a non marketer’s eye, but I asked several of my non-marketing friends about domain extensions.

I said, “You know how there are dot coms and dot nets and dot govs? What do you think of when you hear about a dot info domain? What initial thing would you consider that site to be?”

All of them said they’d consider it an information website - an authority site. They wouldn’t expect to see a sales letter there (consumers avoid sites they think will do nothing but sell to them if they’re just searching for information). They would expect to find valuable information there that’s not biased.

So let’s think about that, then. If you, as an affiliate, have a dot info domain and you construct it PROPERLY with good information so that when they land, they see value and get freebies (via an opt in), they’re going to have a good first impression of your site.

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HTML tutorial

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