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Asking For Help

As a child and young adult I was very independent. Regardless of the situation, if I was doing something I was determined to do it myself and not ask for anyone's help. In my eyes asking for someone's help was akin to admitting defeat or somehow showing others that I was weak or incompetent. My attitude was "If someone else can do it, I can do it". How Naive.

Asking For Help

Now I am a Father of two beautiful children. My daughter is wiser at 19 than I was at that age. If she is having difficulty with something she promptly asks for help and willingly accepts it. She's a lot like her mother in that regard. My son at 17 is a lot more like me; in his mind asking for help is a form of "giving in" and somehow shows him as weak. We had an incident this weekend which underscored his being a chip-off-the-old-block. He was in a drama performance at his high school on Friday night. After the performance many of the kids decided to go out for an after-performance snack. My son decided to go but got lost looking for the restaurant. He drove around for over an hour trying to find the place but didn't find it. He ended up coming home disappointed that he missed out on the social time.

The next morning, my wife and I talked to him about what happened. I asked him several times, "Why didn't you call us for help?" To him, that would have been a sign of weakness as he decided to forge ahead on his own without soliciting our assistance. We stressed to him the importance of asking for help, that asking for help is not a foolish thing; not asking for help when you really need it is foolish. As Cat Stevens sings in Cats in the Cradle "My boy's just like me; he's grown up just like me".

As PM's, there is plenty of times where the problems we face warrant us asking for help. Too often the cry for help either comes too late or not at all because the PM wants to try to work his way out of the jam without admitting he is over his head. Then there are times when the PM throws up the flare at the slightest hint of a problem and doesn't even try to solve a problem herself. She immediately dumps the problem at her boss' footstep expecting the boss to solve her problem for her. Either way the ask for help was inappropriately used by the PM.

My one nugget to you is this: when you get into a sticky situation on a project, don't be afraid to ask for help from others that have similar or more experience than you. Do a quick assessment of the problem, decide if you've got the experience to solve the problem on your own, then either move forward with solving the problem, ask for advice from a colleague on how they would handle the problem, or ask for help because the problem is bigger than you are. Going it alone just means that there may be a bigger mess to clean up later because the mole-hill you tried to fix yourself has grown into a mountain.

Lonnie Pacelli is an accomplished author and autism advocate with over 30 years experience in leadership and project management at Accenture, Microsoft, and Consetta Group. See books, articles, keynotes, and self-study seminars at

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Turmeric latte recipe

Turmeric latte is a very healthy drink. It's got milk, it's got honey, it's got chocolate, it's got cardamon and healthy spices to make your day. Easy to make and yummy to drink. Even StarBucks is selling them. Here's how to make your own cafe latte in the video below.

Turmeric latte

Here's one I made and it was so yummy, I decided to make a post on it. Here's an outline how to make your own turmeric latte.

Take a cup of milk
add some ginger
some turmeric
add some honey
add a few cardamon seeds
a hint of chocolate powder
a few cloves
some black pepper (to allow the absorption of curcumin - the active ingredient of turmeric)

Mix everything together in a mixer. Heat in a microwave or a pan. DRINK your turmeric latte.

Remember turmeric latte has no caffeine, no wheat just pure goodness even kids can drink them. If you have a cold, flu or just feeling down then turmeric latte is the one you should go for.

Hindus drinking cow uirne

It is well known that Hindus consider the cow as sacred but what you are about to see is going to knock you over so I suggest you take a seat. 

Some Hindus drink cow urine. Yep, that's a fact. If you don't believe me then watch this video to see Hindus collecting cow urine and drinking them. Please do note that not all Hindus drink cow urine. Many just like you could not touch it. But there are many who would start their day off by having a glass of cow urine. 

10 things to do in Amsterdam

Take a stroll down the cobbled streets of Amsterdam, pass by the serene canals, or gaze at the vibrant nightlife of the city and you’ll Amsterdam is a magnificent city with a creative legacy. It is the perfect blend of ancient and avant-garde, and makes for the perfect vacationing trip.

10 things to do in Amsterdam

1. Dam Square

Dam Square, located near the famous Amstel River, is the focal point of the Royal Palace. After Louis Napoleon’s crowning, it went from being a city hall to a royal residence in 1808.

2. Anne Frank’s House

Anne Frank’s house is a sober reminder of the Nazi occupation during World War II, and it contains her infamous diary. It is located by the Square. If wanting to visit, come early and be prepared to wait as this place is a popular tourist attraction.

3. Rijksmuseum

The famous Rijksmuseum houses some of the most profound historic art in the world, including pieces by the famed Rembrandt. The works of Frans Hals and Vermeer are also featured here. Besides the artwork of the more famous artists, one can also see beautifully crafted porcelain dolls and doll houses here.

4. Van Gogh Museum

The Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam is home to the largest collection of Van Gogh’s work on the globe. It’s definitely something you don’t want to miss when you visit Amsterdam.

5. Albert Cuypmarkt

Do you like shopping? If so, the Albert Cuypmarkt offers everything and anything you might ever think of buying. This street market offers everything from fresh produce to clothing, and it’ll placate your shopping urges.

6. Queen’s Day

Queen’s Day celebrates the LGBTQ community. Music pulsates from every corner of the city and people, both gay and straight, celebrate all over Amsterdam.

7. Vondelpark Summer Festival

This amazing festival takes place in the summer between June and August and features many types of fund and frolic, entertainment, including open air concerts, theatre, and cabaret. The festival is family friendly and men, women, and children of all ages will be able to find something to do here.

8. Holland Festival

If there’s one thing you’ll learn while in Amsterdam, it’s that the Dutch love their festivals. The Holland Festival is the biggest annual arts event in the country and takes place over three weeks throughout the month of June.

9. Dutch Clogs

When visiting Holland, one must try on a pair of the famous, wooden Dutch vlogs at least once. Other iconic souvenirs that are worth going out of your way to find are Dutch dolls and Delft pottery. Cheese and the famous windmills are also popular must-experience items on your vacation itinerary

10. Grand Cafes

Cafes are spread densely throughout the city. Take a well-earned break and try the local erwtensoep in between shopping.

How to promote your travel blog posts

These are some of the things you can do to get back links when you write a post on your blog on your travel blog. The idea is to get it indexed by search engines as soon as possible. There is a lot of argument about back links; it is said that, some are good and some can actually harm your ranking. A backlink has more weightage if it’s coming from similar niches. But then this is debatable. Google is putting more emphasis on social media meaning that more it gets shared, the better it ranks.

1. First things first, ping it. If you are using Wordpress then, then it is automatically done on ping-o-matic. There is a form in Wordpress that allows you to enter all the places you want to ping your site after publishing a blog post.

2. Submit your blog post URL on Twitter to let your followers know that you have published something. Include some text; an URL on its own does not look nice. Be creative with your limited allowance of words. Don’t forget to use appropriate hastags such as #travel, #travelindia etc.

3. Send your blog URL to your Facebook for your friends to read and comment on. There are lots of niche groups and pages you can join and post your post but don’t spam them obviously.

4. You can also Digg your post. Make sure you write a good description. The more thumbs up you have better the chances of being read by more people.
5. You can also submit to Stumbleupon. But remember quality of traffic is pretty poor. The new algorithm states that, a longer a visitor stays on your site, the better it is. Most people on Stumbleupon, really Stumbleupon like mad. They move from one site to another like crazy.

6. Publish on Linkedin. There is a “share an update” box that allows you to attach a link. Do it, don’t be shy.

7. Post on plurk, a social micro-blogging platform. But remember they are no-follow. It’s just letting your followers know that you have published.

8. Post on Apsense. It is a social networking site for business owners, internet marketers and affiliates.

9. Post on Blog Engage. If your post is good then it gets read by lot of people and will be promoted to the top page.

10. Go and post useful constructive comments on like minded blogs (travel blogs that have commentluv plug enabled) and get some instant back links. Many blogs allow you to link to your latest post. This blog allows you to choose from your previous posts and is do-follow. So feel free to comment.

11. Post your link and a small description on Google Plus. You can join travel related groups where you can post your travel photos and blog post.

12. ScoopIt is another place where you can submit your blog posts. Its content curation site where people share great content.

13. Don’t forget Pinterest. If you use this correctly then you will get a lot of traffic to your travel site. The idea is to create boards and post your images there. Don’t forget to share other people’s images onto your own board.

Are these the things you are doing when you write a blog post or do you just leave it at that? Feel free to comment. Please feel free to share your thoughts as to what you doing when you publish a post. If you have any more ideas, please do share them here. There are lots of other things you can do to promote your brand or website for example guest posts, interviews, podcasts and other link building strategies. We will talk about this in a different post.