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Choose a More Narrow Niche

So you want to see how it would all work in a real niche? Let’s use dogs as our example.  Dog owners are almost fanatical about investing in knowledge for their four-legged friends – they buy everything from what breed to choose to grooming and training materials.

As an affiliate for the dog niche, here’s how you’re going to make this system work for you:

Choose a More Narrow Niche

Let’s not start out with “dogs” in general. Let’s drill down a bit and go with “dog training.”

You’ll need to drill down yourself. And yeah, gurus will promote all sorts of complex and expensive tools to help you find a narrow niche but let’s keep things cheap, shall we?

Go to the free Google keyword tool and type in the broadest keyword for the niche that you can think of. In our case, it’ll be “dog.”

When I type that word in, the very first result that comes up is dog training. There are also a lot of dog health topics, which would be another good drilled down niche.

I also like to then do a search for that narrow keyword phrase – dog training – and see what comes up. I’m looking for a couple of things. I want to know there will be info products I can promote and possible tangible products I can promote via Amazon.

On the tangible front, I see lots of searches for dog training collars, books, and DVDs. And aside from  the dog training books also working for info products, I see lots of searches for dog training classes, dog training advice, etc.
I could take it even narrower, focusing on puppies or an aspect of training like potty training or obedience training. But for right now, I’m not. I’m going to stick with dog training and branch out from there.

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