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About Me

My name is Shalu Sharma and I am a blogger, author and social media analyst. 

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My name is Shalu Sharma. Some of you might know me from as someone who writes about travelling to India. I have decided to use this website to write about travelling to other parts of the world.

I first started to travel from (Patna) Bihar to Delhi for my studies. I then went to Britain to carry out my MBA. While I was there, I visited many of the popular European destinations and visited some of my relatives on the American continent. I then got married to someone who had to travel a lot outside India.  Hence my love for travel...

On this website I hope to write about places I have been and plan to visit in addition to explore some of the places that I wish to visit.

If you have any questions then feel free to contact me here. You can find my books on here. You can also follow on Twitter @bihar

If you wish to advertise a travel related product or something similar then maybe I can help. Click on the image blow to learn more about advertising on my travel blog. 

Areas of Expertise

Blogging Basics
Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest)
Affiliate marketing
Content development marketing
Author Platform Development
Book Marketing 

Thank you and happy reading. 

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