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Tamil Numbers 1 to 100

Are you learning Tamil numbers ? Do you like the Tamil language and want to learn some basic Tamil? Are you an NRI from India but living outside India and wanted to teach your kids the Tamil language. Why not get them started with some Tamil numbers you can learn. Please note that Tamil n…

How do you say Namaste

How do you say Namaste Namaste is said by folding the palms of both the hands and and saying Namaste. The word is most widely used salutations in India and you will be head hearing it all the time from the moment you land from the air plane till you leave. Meaning of Namaste is I bow…

Luxury retreats around the world

Are you wanting to get away this year? Are you looking for some real fun? Are you fed up with some of the cheap pools and beer that is on offer. How about checking out some of the luxury holiday destinations this year with a difference. Have only one holiday a year but have a good one. …

1 to 100 in French

Are you considering visiting France this year and you want to polish up on our French Numbers? If yes then try these numbers in French from 1 to 100 . 1 Un 2 Deux 3 Trois 4 Quatre 5 Cinq 6 Six 7 Sept 8 Huit 9 Neuf 10 Dix 11 Onze 12 Douze 13 Treize 14 Quato…

Pen Y Fan Walk

The  Pen Y Fan is the most walked mountain in the Brecon Beacons in South Wales (Britain) because of the footpaths all the way to the Pen Y summit . There are several ways to get the summit but the most easiest and quickest way is via the footpath from the Storey Arms Education Centre. P…