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How do you say Namaste

How do you say Namaste

Namaste is said by folding the palms of both the hands and and saying Namaste. The word is most widely used salutations in India and you will be head hearing it all the time from the moment you land from the air plane till you leave.

Meaning of Namaste is I bow to the goodness in you. It is said that people have good things and bad things in them. Hence when you say namaste you are saluting the good things in a person. Hence you say namaste and the person will reply back in namaste as well.

Namaste is popular in all parts of India. Even if travel to South India, you can still use Namaste. Saying namaste with a smile will never fail to impress. Most likely you will get a response from the other person.

How do you say Namaste

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