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Hinduism for Kids and Beginners

I excited to say that I have published another ebook and its called "A Pictographic Journey into Hinduism and the Hindu Culture: Hinduism for Kids and Beginners". I always wanted to publish a book with lots of pictures in it and here it is. Good thing is that these pictures are my own personal images which I have taken over a period of time. This book is about Hinduism and Hindu culture particularly - what we pray, how we pray, what we eat, what we do etc. Kids will particularly like this book as it has lots of pictures along with brief explanation of each of the pictures. There is no better way to explain something than to use images. Anyone wanting to learn about Hinduism and Hindu culture will definitely like this book. Its available as an ebook and also as paperback. Click here to go to the ebook version (best value only $0.99) and the paperback version.

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