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Showing posts from January 17, 2016

Hinduism for Beginners

My new ebook is now out. You can download them for free right now. The book is called " HINDUISM: Hinduism for Beginners: Guide to Understanding Hinduism and the Hindu Religion, Beliefs, Customs, Rituals, Gods, Mantras and Converting to Hinduism " and is now available on all Am…

India to USA converter plug

If you are travelling to India then you would need a India to USA converter plug otherwise you won't be able to charge your mobile phones, cameras etc. You can buy these "India to USA converter plugs" in India or you can buy them while in India. I suggest you get them befo…

Try this out of body experience

You can float your soul out of your body. But do this at your own risk as I do not take any responsibility. Yes, you can actually float out of your body and look down upon yourself. Next time you go to sleep - Try it. Here’s how to do it! Put the light off. To do this, you’ll…