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Are you travelling to India?

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25 Positive affirmations for kids

Positive affirmations for kids

1.      I am the best
2.      I am smart and intelligent
3.      I love myself
4.      I am creative
5.      I have a positive attitude
6.      I achieve my goals everyday
7.      I can do my homework easily
8.      I enjoy school
9.      I love doing my homework
10.  I am beautiful inside and outside
11.  I am full of courage
12.  I can make friends easily
13.  I am confident in everything I do
14.  I am gentle with others and myself
15.  I have happy thoughts
16.  I enjoy myself everyday of the week
17.  I enjoy learning new things
18.  I make new friends easily
19.  I am trustworthy
20.  I am a caring person
21.  I enjoy eating healthy food
22.  I am awesome
23.  Life is great
24.  Everyone loves me
25.  I am proud of myself