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Benefits of keeping a journal or diary

Many scientific studies have shown that writing a journal or diary has numerous benefits. A simple act of putting your thoughts to paper has shown to have both mental and physical health benefits. You do not have to worry about grammar, punctuation, spelling mistakes – all you need to do is just spend 5 to 10 minutes writing what’s on your mind.

Here’s a list of things that journal writing can help in

Benefits of keeping a journal or diary

Help managing anxiety levels. If you suffer from anxious feelings then writing about your fears and concerns can help you cope with anxiety levels.

Help you cope with depression. You are writing your thoughts down on paper hence you are relieving yourself of the burden of carrying your thoughts in your head.

Reduce stress. Many studies have shown that journal writing reduces stress levels.

Help prioritize issues. If you aren't sure what you should be doing then writing it on paper can help you prioritize things.

Help with sleep problems. Sleep studies have shown that those who are writing a journal have better sleep patterns compared to those who don’t write.

Improves mood, increase general psychological well being along with help with other mental conditions.

Improve immune function. This might come as a surprise but a study showed that those who write had a better immune function. 

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