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Book Marketing - Is Commenting on Blogs an Effective Marketing Strategy?

You may be an author or writer who takes the time to comment on other websites. This is an effective online marketing strategy. It builds bridges to other blogging neighborhoods, it forms connections, and it helps increase your visibility. These are three important factors in online marketing.
But, after using this strategy for a short while, what if you don't seem to see any difference in the traffic to your site or the comments on your posts?
Should you continue commenting on blogs?
YES, absolutely. Commenting on blogs is still an effective marketing strategy, in fact, even more so than before. Getting a 'post conversation' going and sharing content is high on Google's list of what bloggers and marketers should be doing. Today, it's all about creating optimized content that readers find valuable enough to share to their social networks.
Knowing the effectiveness of this marketing tool, I try to use it as often as I can. And, recently I left a blog post comment on a high-traffic, high-quality site. When I comment on a site, time allowing, I usually browse the other comments. On this particular blog CommentLuv is used and one of the post comments in particular seemed to be informative, so I clicked on the author's latest post link. Doing this, it brought me to a site with great content and I actually tried to subscribe to the email post feed. Unfortunately, the feed wasn't enabled, even though the site owner had the opt-in for it. But, that's another story.
Commenting on sites that offer the commenter's last post link is an excellent way to broaden your reach and easily bring visitors back to your site. Just like I clicked on that commenter's link, based on an effective post title, the same can happen to you. The source for this linkable feature is CommentLuv.
CommentLuv is a commenting system plugin for WordPress. Simply click on 'Plugins' in your WordPress dashboard, go to 'Add New,' search for the plugin, install it, and activate it. That's it.
While, as mentioned, this is a WordPress plugin, it can be used on Blogger. If you have a Blogger site, just do a Google search for "CommentLuv on Blogger." You'll find a number of articles with instructions on how to use it with Blogger.
Hopefully, one of these days, Blogger will add this amazing blogging tool to its gadgets to make this process easier.
In addition to the obvious benefits of commenting, such as broadening your marketing reach and making connections, the activity you create online is picked up by search engines. This includes comments.
Make commenting on blogs an important element of your online marketing strategy. If you have a WordPress blog and you're not already using CommentLuv, try it today.
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