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How to make money on Fiverr

Fiverr is a website that allows you to offer a service called a “gig” to the world for 5 American dollars. Although it may seem trivial at first, you will be amazed to know that serious money can be made on this site. There are many professionals and non-professionals alike who are making money offering a range of services including website design to painting and singing in a peculiar fashion or simply in their underwear.

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Fiverr allows you create service called gigs for people to pick from. So when a user buys something, they will pay you $5 for a service that you provide. But you will only end up with$4 that you can withdraw to your PayPal account. But before you can do that, you will have to wait 14 days before you can withdraw your funds. After you have delivered you services, users can give leave feedbacks just under your Fiverr gigs, something like an eBay feedback. This actually helps you to build customer trust and will get more orders if you have many positive feedbacks. So try to do a good job and build customer trust. Many of buyers of your gigs are return customers.

You will have to think of some ideas, ideas that are unique. Think of a talent you have, be it writing skill, singing skills, playing a musical instrument or just simply jumping up and down in a banana costume and singing happy birthday. As long as it’s unique, something out of the box; you’re in, you are can make some decent money easily with the comfort of your own home. It’s all about thinking laterally. Even if you don’t, you can utilise some of your talent and you can make money doing something for other people.

There are a range of categories to choose from; Gifts, Graphics, Video, Social Marketing, Travel, Writing, Advertising, Music & Audio, Fun & Bizarre, Tips & Advice, Business, Technology, Programming and Other. 

There are also a range of things you can do. Some of the things that are coming of my mind are;

1. Offer to make videos for about 1 to 3 minutes advertising someone's business or website.

2. Sing a song. You can sing a song you know and then record it for your buyers to dedicate to a loved one.

3. Writing services. There is a great demand for writing services. If you show case some of your previous work, you can get lots of customers.

4. Offer tips and advice on how to repair a broken relationship. I know this is strange but people do need advice.

5. Offer to teach a computer program.

6. Offer to teach a language or anything you like.

7. Offer to send someone’s website to your Facebook fans, or Tweet then on Twitter.

8. Do some fun, bizarre or weird stuff.

9. Other things include selling digital products, tips and advice, fortune telling, ridiculous things, softwares, instant backlinks from your websites, Facebook fans, making cartoons of your photos, writing articles, press releases social bookmarking, selling eBooks, etc.

10. Sending post cards from your place to buys friends/family etc.

11. Offer to be someone’s girlfriend or boyfriend for a week on Facebook.

Drawbacks of making money on Fiverr:

"fiverr gigs", "make money on fiverr"
There are some draw backs of using Fiverr. For instance, you can only withdraw your money after 14 days, Fiverr takes a 20% cut (1$ per every 5). It does seem a little unfair to take a very high commission. Then when you withdraw your earning, PayPal will take another share of 2%. So you end up something around $3.92 per gig sold. You really have to think if you want to spend a lot of time trying to do something for that small an amount. No wonder there are hundreds of people from India trying to sell things as $3.92 converts to little more than 200 Indian rupees which is not bad. But if you are from the United States, you are not expected to work for that low an amount unless the gig takes you just minutes to do.

Another drawback is that Fiverr is full of spammers offering thousands of Facebook fans, LinkedIn connections which are defiantly not the right way to attain such things. This lowers the credibility of Fiverr as they do not do anything about it. I saw a gig offering a text link from a page rank of 7. I could clearly tell from the website that it was a faked page rank. This is cheating.

In addition, there is a huge competition, as more and more people become aware of Fiverr, more and more people are trying their luck. Sometimes gigs are never found even though you are offering something great; due to a large number of gigs offering the same thing, you will be lucky to sell your gigs.

There will be very high expectations from buyers. They will expect you to deliver one of the most professional gigs to be found on the whole world in spite offering just 5 dollars. For example, if you are offering to make logos, some buyers will expect one of the best logos ever designed and will expect you to do unlimited changes to it. Let’s face it, some buyers are going to be stupid and will not understand.

Lots of gigs are offered by inexperienced and irresponsible people who do not care about anything other than making money. After you have sold a gig and offered the best possible service, some buyers will simply leave a negative feedback hampering your gig sales. There are some reports of Fiverr banning accounts and confiscating your hard earned money. Although this has not happened to me and I have just read it on the internet, it’s difficult to verify this. But this has also been said about Adsense. The question to ask is, why would they do something like this, if you make money, they are make money too. 


All in all, Fiverr offers a great and exciting way to make some money on the side. Do not expect to get rich. So I suggest you do sign for free, you have nothing to loose other than a few minutes. But remember and ask yourself the question; is $4 dollars is worth your time or not? If the gigs you have to offer takes a few minutes to do then perhaps it’s worth trying it out. Perhaps if you have a digital product then you should defiantly try it out, since all you have to do is email the product to the buyer.  If you have a talent, think about it and why not offer it. I am sure if it’s creative enough, you will bound to get some attention. If you become a top rated seller on Fiverr, you will have your gigs featured, and then you have a real chance to make money with the Fiverr programme

Kindly leave any feedbacks about your experiences on making money with Fiverr.

What You Need to Know About Working from Home

Whatever kind of business you do from home, you’re going to need an area where you can work and maintain your records. If you’ve never worked from home before, you might not know what you really need to have on hand and what you can afford to wait to get.

Having the right room and the equipment that you need can help you bring in more income, so it’s always best to start out on the right foot. Your main piece of equipment will be a computer with Internet access. Dealing with a temperamental machine can cut your productivity time, so if you have an older computer, you’ll want to upgrade right away.

Space for a home office doesn't mean you have to have a room solely devoted as your work area, but it’s always better to create that divide between work and home, especially if you have a family.

It can help create that boundary you’ll need. Besides a separate space, you also may need a printer and fax machine. You don’t have to break the bank to buy your supplies - and if your budget doesn't allow for any extras, you can stick to having just a computer and get your faxes sent to your email inbox through a provider that offers such a service.

If you choose to have a paperless office, make sure that you keep backup copies by using an online storage service. Many storage services are free of charge. Others charge a nominal fee.

If you’ve been searching for work at home, then you know that not all companies are legitimate. Always check out a company before agreeing to work for or with them. Make sure that you read all of the disclaimers they have on their website or in their business literature.

What testimonials do they have? If it’s a company that you have to pay to get started with, what do they offer in terms of reimbursement if you change your mind? Do a Google check on the company to see if they have a multitude of complaints against them.

You can find legitimate companies through online board postings, through marketing forums and through websites that network with and promote work at home companies. Doing your homework is crucial to ensure you don’t get taken advantage of.

You can set up a home business as a freelancer. The niche you choose to freelance in will depend on your passion and skills. The market is wide open online for a variety of interests - from writing to web design to freelance artists to life coaches.

Becoming an entrepreneur is the American dream for many and you can make that dream happen for you. One of the fastest growing ways to become an entrepreneur and work from home is to go into the field of Internet marketingAffiliate marketing is relatively easy to break into and because of its diversity in niches, can appeal to a wide audience.

How to create an eBook for free

We are now in the era of the digital world where things happens with the click of a button. Gone are the days when had to write letters and then post them through mail. Nowadays we can chat for free, send messages for free, video chat for on Skype and engage on social networking sites for free. Similarly, people are no longer interested in buying hard copies of books as it’s difficult to carry around specially the bulky ones. People want something that is digitised where they can turn on and off with the click of a button. Kindle eBooks and eBooks online, reading through iBooks, iPads, IPhone has become more of common thing. It’s easier as people do not have to carry it around and can read on their computer screen while still at work. Perhaps it is early to say that paper books will vanish but it is sufficient to say that reading trends are changing.

If you are one of those who wants to write a book but do not want to look for a publisher or spend thousands to get it self-published, then eBooks is the best way to go. Nowadays it’s very easy to create an eBook and easy to either give it away or and even sell and make money from it.
So how do you create an eBook for free? First things first, you need to write an eBook. The hardest part is perhaps writing it. After it has been written, it can then be published in a variety of formats. It’s about getting the word out there that you have compiled something for people to read. So after having written an eBook, you will need to convert your eBook so that people can download them and read either by printing them from their computers or downloading them on electronic reading devices. People might want to read on Amazon Kindles, or a as PDF file on their computer, or as ePub file (short for electronic publication) or through apps on smart phones. Alternative option is to create a free website and then publish them as an HTML, meaning that you can easily publish them on a website or create your own website so that people do not need to download but can easily read by visiting the website.

So the options are as follows for your eBook:
Convert your eBook into a PDF file and then upload them on file sharing sites. The word format can be converted using several free PDF converters. There are some sites that will ask you to upload your file and then convert them to the required format and then send them the file to your email account. You will need to check every single detail on the converted format. The images, punctuation marks are prone to changes when being converted from world to PDF.

There are many open source tools to assist you to create your eBook and eBook editors. Some of them include; Sigil which is an wysiwyg eBook editor that allows one to create ePub files. Alternatively you can write them in word and then convert it into ePub and other formats using Calibre.
Then you will need to upload them on document sharing sites. There are many of them. Google also provides one called Google Docs. Other ones include Scribd, DocStoc, Slide Share, Slide Six, 4shared, We Papers, AuthorStream, eDocr, issuu, Calemeo, Yudu, DocShare, eSnips, SlideBoom, Empessr, MyPlick and many more. Most if not all of them are free to use. Once you have created an account with them, you can upload your converted PDF files and then share them with others. Many of them have inbuilt electronic readers while many of them allow you to charge money for them.

Another great option is to create and publish them online. Once your eBook as been written, it can easily be published online by converting them into web pages. There are many free website platforms. One such platform is Google’s Blogger. You can sign in using Google account and create a blog. Here you can publish them for free, chapter by chapter. You can allow people to read or make it private. It’s a great way to publish and show case your writing talents on the web. You can also put some advertisements such as GoogleAdsense or join affiliate to make money from your eBook online.  

If you are hoping to sell your eBook then there are many places you can easily sell. Lulu is a book place where you can join for free and create an eBook selling system. You will also need a good cover to make the book attractive. Although the saying that “you cannot judge the book by its covers”, but you can at least attract buyers to the book and convince them in buying it. Some of the online publicators have their own eBook cover making system but it’s not convincingly good. If you are serious, you can make it a cover on Photoshop or you can make one on numerous free eBook cover makers.

There are so many places where your precious eBooks can be sold over and over again without the hassle of printing. The next question to ask is “where to sell your eBooks”? Some of the best places include other than the one mentioned earlier are your free website with integrated paypal button, PayLoadz, eBay, eBookBay, Amzon, iTunes Store and many more.

So there you have it. Write an eBook or get someone else to write it for you, and then get the word out to the world that you have written a document. The best thing is to create a buzz about it on social networking sites such as FaceBook, Twitter, Digg, writer’s forums and many other places.   

If you want to learn how to create an eBook and make money from then this eBook by Tiffany Dow called “Building an eBook Empire” tells you how to create and make money online. She is an affiliate marketer and lots of things can be learnt from her. The book has been classed as the top online making money guides. I bought the book and benefited tremendously, not only I was able to understand how to create an eBook but also how to set up websites and how to market them, from creating eBook covers, what programmes to join and ultimately make money from it.  

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