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Find Affiliate Products to Promote

Head to my two favorite places – ClickBank and PayDotCom. Those aren’t the only two affiliate communities available – you also have the chance to market tangible items through sites like Amazon, for example.

In ClickBank, I can instantly see a whole list of affiliate options when I type in (in quotes) “dog training.” The ClickBank products you see almost all pay out at over $20.00 per sale. 

You want to go through and review each sales letter to see if you feel it will convert well. Then use the Create Hoplink to create a file of your affiliate links. You’ll want to cloak them, of course – but have the raw link on file for your own records. There are 30 products listed on ClickBank at the time of this writing specifically for dog training.

Next head to PayDotCom and check out what’s there. 

Now you can go with smaller, more niche specific products to promote, or go with a more broad dog training product that has a higher price tag (and ultimately more commission for you).

In the PayDotCom system, you see products specific to each breed, but you also see a $97 product with a 50% payout that covers dog training in general. You’ll want to pick and choose among the pages of product possibilities based on how you set up your email capture system to promote your free report.

If you have a site specifically for Pekingese dog owners, then go with that eBook. But mix it up and see if the higher priced product converts better with the same crowd. You want to give them many choices on what they buy. 

If you decide you do want to promote tangibles, go to Amazon and see what types of things are available in your niche. Conducting a quick scan for dog training, I find print books, dog training collars, DVDs, whistles, clickers and more.

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