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Affiliate Marketing to the Next Level

Now that it’s set up, you want to make it work wonders for your bank account. Know how to do it? Build an even bigger list.

First of all, you want to learn how to clone your customers’ subscriptions. This isn’t some high-tech science experiment. All you’re doing is finding a new niche the same people on list A will like and have them sign up to list B.

Now you’ve doubled your selling potential and you didn’t have to go out and try to find and secure a single new customers. This is known as cross-promotional sign-ups.

So for our dog training list, you might occasionally mention that they may want to take a look at a great dog grooming site. Even though list A (dog training) is only signed up to get information for training, chances are they’re also interested in the grooming aspect of being a dog owner – but not everyone will bite.

Some dog owners want to learn how to make Fido stop barking, but for grooming, they’ll just head down to the local pet groomers instead. However, a portion of your list will be interested, and they’ll be buying both dog training and dog grooming information from your affiliate links.

Other cross-promotional sign up examples:

·         Promote an exercise list to a golf list
·         Promote a diet list to an exercise list
·         Promote an anti-aging list to a Baby Boomer dating list

…and so on. 

If you have to, sit down and brainstorm a demographic for your lists and then see what characteristics they share. For instance, singles are interested in dating – but they also want to learn how to make more money, how to stave off the aging process, and get free beauty tips.

It doesn’t have to be a hard push to get your subscribers from one list to another – just mention it in passing as something they may want to check out. After all, your second list will have another valuable freebie for them, so there’s nothing they have to pay out of pocket to get information that might interest them up front.

Another thing you can do to increase your list building effectiveness is to add on the other marketing methods you already know. Anything to drive traffic to your subscription pages such as social bookmarking, article marketing, and forum marketing with a signature file will help build your list and ultimately – your affiliate paychecks.

They’re not a necessity if you’re blogging regularly and attracting search engine spiders, but every little bit helps, so whatever you can accomplish with your time or budget, do the tasks that help you get more traffic.

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HTML tutorial

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