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Books to read

Books to read this year 

Here are a collection of recommend books for you to read. I read books all the time be at bedtime, on the train to work and coming back, at lunch time, beak time or just whenever I have some time. Here’s a few of the ones I have read or currently reading. Click on these images of the books to take you to where you can buy them. If aren’t in the USA then you can look for the book title in your own country. If you would like to recommend any books to read then feel free to send me a message here or leave a comment below and if I like the book then I will include the book on this page.

My collection of books to read before you die

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Dinosaur in Love

  Once upon a time, in a land far away, A dinosaur named Rex had something to say. He walked with a swagger and a mighty great roar, He was ...