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Affiliate marketing on autopilot

Once your emails are set up and each one has an affiliate link in it, you’re free to move on to another niche – or another portion of the niche. In this example, we’ve used dog training, so now you might head into the dog grooming sub-niche.

Or, choose a different evergreen niche like health, golf, or dating and use the same method to set up another autopilot sales system.

Over the coming days, weeks, and months, you’ll see your subscription list grow. You’ll see new sales popping up on your radar, and it will increase as new people join your list and word spreads of the great free, valuable information you give away.

In the meantime, after it’s set up (or after you outsource it to someone else), you’re free to go about your business managing other online business ventures or even just enjoying the money you’re earning on a regular basis.

Don’t get bogged down in one on one relationships with your list subscribers or worrying about what your subscribers will think when you blast a message out to promote another product.

If you want to work on your own newsletter and personal branding system, go for it – but that’s not what this system is intended to do. This affiliate money machine serves one sole purpose – to generate autopilot income and nothing else.

Also you need to grab your visitors email address so that you can target them with tips and affiliate links.  Let’s look at someone who’s already using the weekly promotional system. This site gives visitors the option of signing up for a weekly tip email.

That’s all you need to do – set up a simple site, stick an autoresponder opt in box up, and begin building a list that will receive weekly tips (with an affiliate link) in the email communications.

This site does a great job of giving away a lot of free information up front in the form of categorical articles – from dog biting to potty training. Some marketers mistakenly think they can save their good stuff for paid content, but you first have to build trust with your visitor and impress them enough to sign up to your list.

With a similar site in your niche, you’ll be able to command the respect of other sites that will link to you as a great resource, helping you build your list even more. 

The more your list grows, and the more sites you set up in this fashion, the more money you’ll make, period.

Notice how this compares to the hunt and peck method of article marketing where many affiliates are sticking a single article with a bio box up and hoping to cash in every day of the week?

It’s just not going to work without massive content creation, but with an autoresponder system, you can use plug-in PLR and not have to worry about:

1.)  Unique content
2.)  Acceptance by article directory reviewers
3.)  Link rules (like no affiliate links, number of links, etc.)

Instead, your content will be housed in private – delivered directly to their inbox and you can position whatever links you want wherever you want them in the body of the email.

“But what about people who get offended when you try to sell to them in every email you send out?”

Look – this system is meant to run on autopilot. Let it weed out those who are offended. You’ll keep plenty of subscribers who are content with the promotions as long as they keep getting decent tips in their emails, which you’ll do, of course.

Don’t sweat the unsubscribed list. Just accept it as part of the system and keep doing what you’re doing. Your earnings will reflect that you’re doing something right.

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