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Make money with Squidoo

Squidoo Lens Building Project for Amazon Associates.

Before You Build a Lens, You Must Certain Things.

There are some initial steps you’re going to take before you start building lenses. But I want you to finish reading this guide first so that you’ll know what you’re going to be doing. It doesn’t make sense to register for a blog name when you don’t know what products you’ll be promoting, does it?

Once you read through this entire eBook first, come back and complete these important steps:

1.) Register for a FREE Squidoo account here:
You can see one of my Squidoo lens here

The cool thing about referrals is, when you sign up and earn your first $15 on Squidoo, Squidoo pays me $5 for sending you there – but it’s not taken from your earnings. So refer your friends!

2.) Register for a FREE WordPress blog here:

Now when you do this, you’ll want to have some keywords in the blog URL. It’s even better if you register for your own domain with hosting (this will cost you though, so feel free to keep it 100% free by using (I am not teaching blogging in this course but you can go to and download a free guide about it.)

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HTML tutorial

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