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Microblog Poster - Automatically publish your new blog post to social metworks

I am a great fan of posting my new blog post on social media. This allows me to tell my followers that I have a new post and they should check it out. The ones that I use all the time is Facebook (including Facebook groups and pages), LinkedIn, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest, Plurk and a couple of others. If you are using WordPress then you are in luck. Look what I found? Here's a cool plugin to autopost your blog post on various social media sites as soon as you publish your post. You do have to configure each social media account! Basically the plugin updates your social accounts. Good thing about this is that, multiple accounts per social site is also supported. This is great a feature if you ask me.

Automatically publishes your new blog content to Social Networks. Auto-updates Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Tumblr, Diigo, Delicious..

So what's supported by the plugin - Auto tweet backlink of new blogpost. - Auto publish to profile wall. - Auto post new plurk. - Auto submit bookmark of your blogpost to your account. - Auto update your status. - Auto submit bookmark of your new blogpost. - Auto publish to profile wall - Auto publish to your blog. ( - Auto publish to your blog. - Auto submit bookmark of your new blogpost.

So check out the Microblog Poster here and automatically post your content on various social media sites and save yourself some time. 

Ask donations from your readers

One way to earn a bit of extra cash is to ask your readers to give you some money for coffee. I know people don’t just give anyone money but if you have a great site with lots of free information than you’ll be surprised how many people would be willing to give you money just like that.

Buy me coffee
Banner asking readers to buy me coffee!!

PostJoint review

If you are one of those bloggers who are considering joining Postjoint then think again. You might be sleepwalking into a Google Penalty. Google clearly states that you shouldn't be accepting money for links. These people over at PostJoint are claiming that guest posts and paid or sponsored posts are two different things but in reality, they are the same thing – just the terminology is different. Google clearly states that talking money for links is not acceptable to them. Unless you don’t care about traffic from Google then it might be OK to join this site.

How Social Signals Impact Search Engine Rankings

Social media is becoming more and more important on the way search engines work. Matt Cutts may deny it but evidence is suggesting that social media signals are making an impact on search engine results. Just look at this infographic and decide for yourself.

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HTML tutorial

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